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Bakers Dozen Sleeve - Wide Mouth Canning Lids (156 lids)Bakers Dozen Sleeve - Wide Mouth Canning Lids (156 lids)
Superb Sealing

Bakers Dozen Sleeve - Wide Mouth Canning Lids (156 lids)

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Preserve your peace of mind.

  • Superb Canning Lids are made in the USA
  • Our 5 Layers of protection offer a rust-free, tighter seal with corrosive resistance
  • BPA Free AND FDA Compliant seals means no contaminants in your food
  • Our lids are safe for pressure canning, water bath canning, and general storage
  • Superb Seals are thicker, which translates in every way to a better, more reliable seal
  • Our tight tolerance and background in engineering ensures that Superb Lids produce a leak-free vacuum seal when used properly 
  • Extra width to the outside ring gives you the peace of mind that the seal is touching the entire lip of the jar
  • Stress-free experience overall

Protect your harvest.

We are constantly innovating, and those innovations ensure your hard work doesn't go to waste.

BluSeal Integrity

A proprietary, food-safe material developed for a stronger seal.

PopLok Assurance

Clear confirmation of seal integrity through site, sound, and touch.

BluSeal Integrity

Five layers of interior and exterior corrosion protection surrounding a steel core

Other canning lids aren't what they used to be. So we made one that seals better.